"J-P's suberb technique and unique ability to mix fingerstyle guitar and modern folk music has left me in awe. He is taking the guitar to new places!"

- Petteri Sariola, fingerstyle virtuoso

"An easy ranking up there with the best of the best acoustic guitarists in the folk scene. Timeless."

-Lee Henderson, Art Rockin', USA

"Kitaristi nikkaroi vivahteikkaan kokonaisuuden virtuoosimaisesti." 4/5 tähteä

- Juha Seitz, Ilkka

"Nordic fingerstyle virtuosity"

- Angel Romero, World Music Central, USA

"I was struck by the directness of his sound as well as the way he captured the essence of traditional music alongside his own compositional voice. His sensitivity and sense of intimacy is ever present in his recent release Twined, his natural melodic ability coupled with a carefully thought out approach to dynamics creating an excellent introduction to his work."

- Fiona Talkington (Songlines, BBC etc.) FMQ

"A man, a guitar, lots of feeling, Nordic flair and Scandinavian passion make a wonderful fingerpicking guitar album. "Twined" by J-P PIIRAINEN is the great guitar school for those who care about this instrument, whether they play it themselves or just like to hear it!" 13/15

- Thoralf Koß, Musicreviews, DE

"When you combine a classical guitar study with an interest in Scandinavian folk you get a wonderful fingerpicking guitar album that evokes associations with the Celtic open tuning guitar style in distinctive open mood, the American fingerpicking tradition and the contemporary new acoustic music. Add fragments of rock and a touch of jazz, but no voice and you have the ingredients of the stunning third album by the Finnish guitarist J-P Piirainen."

- Marius Roeting, New folk sounds, NL

Rascal - J-P Piirainen feat. Venla Ilona Blom
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Leaf rain - J-P Piirainen
00:00 / 00:00
1+1 - J-P Piirainen
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