Weekly vlog posts on YouTube

I have a new weekly vlog that happens on YouTube. If you are interested about fingerstyle guitar, composing and artist life, this vlog is for you! So click that button and head to YouTube too see what it is all about.

Etnogaala 2019 | Finnish folk music awards

It was truly an honor to be invited to play at Etnogaala 2019 / Finnish folk music awards. You can watch the whole show with amazing performers via link below. My performance is 01.09.35 on the timeline. Enjoy!

Japan tour 2018 announced

Nordic Guitar Music is heading to Japan this November. We are really looking forward to these shows and gonna serve some special music for japanese audience.


21.11. @ Jazz Flash, Niigata

22.11. @ Mokkiriya, Kanazawa

23.11. @ Nardis, Kashiwa

24.11. @ Rakuya, Kanda

25.11. @ Candy, Inage (afternoon)

25.11. @ Airegin, Yokohama (evening)

June 11, 2018

Latest videos

We have updated Nordic Guitar Music YouTube channel. Go ahead and have a look of the latest live videos! Don't forget to subscribe on YouTube so you keep always on track of the latest videos.


Germany tour 2019

I am glad to announce that we are touring in Germany March 2019 with the most amazing beatboxer and singer Venla Ilona Blom (Tuuletar). Tour dates and venues are announced later this year.

Happy spring time!


October 14, 2017

Twined European release

Twined is now released in FInland and European release is at the door! Album will be released in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and Portugal in November 2017 and in UK and Ireland in December 2017 by Nordic Notes.

Twined on Spotify and radio!

Twined is now officially released and you can listen the album on Spotify. You can also buy it from iTunes, Amazon etc. digital platforms.

Since release Twined has already been featured on radio stations in USA, United Kingdom and Finland.

Order new album "Twined"

Ordering of "Twined" is now open and you can get copy of the album. Follow the link and get your own copy of Twined

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