"J-P's suberb technique and unique ability to mix fingerstyle guitar and modern folk music has left me in awe. He is taking the guitar to new places!" - Petteri Sariola, fingerstyle virtuoso

J-P Piirainen is a talented fingerstyle guitarist and composer from Finland. His passion for guitar has led him to explore different playing styles that he combines to Nordic folk music creating a totally new, groovy and interesting style of guitar music. Playing both his own compositions and traditional folk tunes, he brings a new twist to not only the world of Nordic folk music, but also the world of guitar music. This music he calls NORDIC GUITAR MUSIC. Since starting his solo career J-P Piirainen has played Nordic Guitar Music in small clubs and big concert halls around Finland and has toured in Estonia, Japan and Germany. 


On 2020 he announced new project. A hybrid instrument he has developed that combines guitar and kantele into one body. J-P calls this instrument GUITELE. He's currently composing new solo music for the instrument.

His latest album ”Twined” was released 11th of October, 2017. The album combines powerful grooves and joyful melodies. For this album he has composed both Nordic dance tunes and contemporary fingerstyle guitar tunes as he has studied the relationship between these two genres that he loves. Twined is produced by guitarist and composer Joonas Widenius.

"I was struck by the directness of his sound as well as the way he captured the essence of traditional music alongside his own compositional voice. His sensitivity and sense of intimacy is ever present in his recent release Twined, his natural melodic ability coupled with a carefully thought out approach to dynamics creating an excellent introduction to his work."

- Fiona Talkington (Songlines, BBC etc.) FMQ

Recently he has collaborated with Maija Kauhanen, a finnish kantele phenomenon , Venla Ilona Blom, beatboxer and singer from Tuuletar, Petteri Sariola, fingerstyle virtuoso and Finnish folk music super band Frigg.




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