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The sound of modern guitar and exotic Finnish kantele combined
IN SOLITUDE OUT 26.8.2022!

"Nordic fingerstyle virtuosity."

- Angel Romero, World Music Central, USA

"An easy ranking up there with the best of the best acoustic guitarists in the folk scene. Timeless."

- Lee Henderson, Art Rockin', USA

"J-P's suberb technique and unique ability to mix fingerstyle guitar and modern folk music has left me in awe. He is taking the guitar to new places!"

- Petteri Sariola, fingerstyle virtuoso

ZENCD 2184 kansi.jpg

New solo album IN SOLITUDE is out 26.8.2022. Find it on all streaming platforms and record stores.

New record label: Rockadillo Records.

J-P Piirainen is now part of Finnish record label Rockadillo records run by Tapio Korjus.

Please visit social media channels for more news!


Hailing from Carelian forests in the eastern part of Finland, J-P Piirainen twines together Finnish tradition and his 2020 era unique voice as a composer.


J-P has travelled unique path to discover music no one has heard before by inventing a one of a kind instrument- the guitele where acoustic guitar and the iconic traditional Finnish instrument the kantele are combined into one body. One of the most common and popular instruments in the world meets an instrument with an ancient legacy in Finnish tradition and mythology.


His skills as a fingerstyle guitarist merges with the distinctive sound of the kantele creating an undiscovered world of music. J-P’s music creates images and soundscapes drawn from his native northern landscape.



ZENCD 2184 kansi.jpg

In Solitude

Rockadillo records



Fight Back

Pilfink records




Bafe's Factory



First Steps

Pilfink records




23.1. Kulttuurimeijerin kitaraklubi, Mäntsälä, FINLAND

2.2. Celtic Connections w/ Kim Edgar, Glasgow, SCOTLAND

7.2. Private event, Helsinki, FINLAND

18.4. Private event, Helsinki, FINLAND

26.6.-2.7. Kihaus Folk, Rääkkylä, FINLAND

10.-16.7. Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, Kaustinen, FINLAND

22.8. Kulttuurikellari w/ Northflip, Savonlinna, FINLAND

23.8. Jumikkalan kartano w/ Northflip, Rantasalmi, FINLAND

24.8. Enonkosken kirkko w/ Northflip, Enonkoski, FINLAND

25.8. Vuonislahden kylätalo w/ Northflip, Lieksa, FINLAND

26.8. Mutkan kahvila w/ Northflip, Kontiolahti, FINLAND

27.8. Tähkä museo w/ Nortflip, Liperi, FINLAND

2.11. Sauralive w/ Northflip, Helsinki, FINLAND


6.12. Teatteri Näyttämö, Joensuu, FINLAND

18.11. w/ Vantaan pelimannit, Lumo Sali, Vantaa, FINLAND

13.10. Kapsäkki bistro, Helsinki FINLAND

7.9. Tenho restobar, Helsinki FINLAND

23.7. Musiikkitalon terassi, Helsinki FINLAND

12.3. Finnjävel Helsinki FINLAND



13.11. Kaamospelit, Wernissa, Vantaa FINLAND

22.1. Private event, Helsinki FINLAND

16.1. Musiikkitalo, Helsinki FINLAND

10.1. Folklandia, Helsinki FINLAND

7.1. Private event, Helsinki FINLAND



18.9. Private event, Helsinki FINLAND

25.6. Pielinen soi, Lieksa FINLAND

13.6. Private event, Helsinki FINLAND

24.3. Alte Bahnhofshalle Friedenau, Berlin GERMANY

23.3. Wilhelm13, Oldenburg GERMANY

22.3. Café Alte Werkstatt, Hiddenhausen GERMANY

21.3. Aula der Grundschule Hohenlockstedt, Hohenlockstedt GERMANY

20.3. Kulturforum am Hafen e.V., Buxtehude GERMANY

19.3. Café Paganini, Bremen GERMANY

18.3. Nordkolleg  Rendsburg, Rendsburg GERMANY

17.3. Alter Bahnhof, Düsseldorf GERMANY

16.3. Maximilian-Kolbe-Haus, Castrop-Rauxel GERMANY

15.3. Wasserburg Rosbach, Rosbach GERMANY

14.3. Kulturforum Logenhaus, Erlangen GERMANY

12.3. Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Sankt Stephani, Aschersleben GERMANY

10.3.Eberhardskirche/"Kirch am Eck", Thübingen GERMANY

9.3. Mannheim GERMANY

8.3. Laboratorium, Stuttgart GERMANY

1.3. Pakkahuone, Joensuu FINLAND

22.2. Iholla-klubi Kapsäkki, Helsinki FINLAND

20.2. Talvijamit, Musiikkitalon kahvila, Helsinki FINLAND

31.1.Private event, Helsinki FINLAND

10.1. Etnogaala/Finnish folk music awards, Tavastia, Helsinki FINLAND


13.12. Private event, Helsinki FINLAND

25.11. (evening show) Airegin, Yokohama JAPAN

25.11. (afternoon show) Candy, Inage JAPAN

24.11. Rakuya, Kanda JAPAN

23.11. Nardis, Kashiwa JAPAN

22.11. Mokkiriya, Kanazawa JAPAN

21.11. Jazz Flash, Niigata JAPAN

12.11. Sellon kirjaston lava, Espoo FINLAND

7.11. Arkadia international book shop, Helsinki FINLAND

13.9. Private event, Finlandia talo, Helsinki FINLAND

1.9. Private event, Helsinki FINLAND

12.7. w/Tallari @ Kaustinen folk music festival, Kaustinen FINLAND

10.7. Pielinen soi festival, Koli FINLAND

9.7. Pielinen soi festival, Lieksa FINLAND

5.6. Arkadia international bookshop, Helsinki FINLAND

18.5. Private event, Helsinki FINLAND

8.5. Private event, Helsinki FINLAND

19.4. J-P Piirainen & Tallari, Pelimannitalo, Kaustinen FINLAND

13.4.Validi-Karkia klubi, Pori FINLAND

23.2. Save TGF gala concert, Pakkahuone, Tampere FINLAND

2.2. Private event, Helsinki FINLAND

31.1. Palokan pelimannitalo, Jyväskylä FINLAND

28.1. Hurmaava Hupeli! Lauttasaaren kirkko, Helsinki FINLAND

23.1. Tenho restobar, Helsinki FINLAND



J-P Piirainen

+358 50 3295447


Rockadillo Records / Tapio Korjus

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